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Founded in August 1998, our goal is to create a strong presence in the IT industry ‘s Indonesia in system integration and network services. in its development, we currently provide a variety of device-based data communications for a variety of industrial environments. Our product is a product was created with the appropriate technology and easy to use. Our technology has been proven stretcher for control and monitoring systems used in diverse industrial environments that exist at this time.

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Westermo design and manufacture robust data communication devices for harsh environments. We supply products that provide the communication infrastructure, derived from proven commercial technology, for control and monitoring systems that are used in mission critical solutions where commercial grade products are not sufficiently resilient.


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Beijer Electronics is a technology corporation focusing on industrial automation and robust data communications. For 30 years, Beijer Electronics has been creating innovations and technology solutions that bring our customers greater efficiency and lower cost. We deliver leading products and solutions in automation and data communications with the aim of controlling, monitoring and optimizing industrial processes and functions. Our independence as a company lets us focus clearly on the needs of users, system designers and OEMs. As a result, our solutions adapt smoothly to individual requirements, yet are fully compatible with all major automation brands.



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Digifort products are carefully developed with the most advanced technology with the purpose of offering greater quality in software, surpassing the expectations of clients and offering customized features for the most diversified types of applications. Digifort currently has more than 90 manufacturers worldwide and more than 1,450 models of cameras integrated into the system, allowing the user, complete freedom of choice of hardware without feeling trapped in a particular manufacturer.



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ACKSYS Communications & Systems is specialized in the design and supply of data communication equipments including wireless network solutions, serial MODBUS to MODBUS/TCP data gateways, serial device servers (Ethernet, USB & WiFi), media converters, serial communication controllers, MIL-STD-1553 & HDLC for avionics test and simulation. The keystone of the company is our four fundamental values: longevity, performance, reliability and quality, to satisfy the most severe requirements of factory and building automation, oil and gas industry, rail, on-road and marine transportation fields.


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Korenix delivers the world’s fastest Ethernet redundant solution in the new generation of its intelligent industrial managed switches and embedded PoE / router platforms. The failover time can reach to less than 5 milliseconds, and the restoration time can be ZERO ms without any negative effect. Korenix patented RSR has the fastest Ethernet recovery time in the world for critical industrial applications. Korenix is a market leading brand in industrial networking and computing solutions with an extensive track record in providing innovative, market – oriented, value focused solutions to the industrial market. Over the years, Korenix successfully expands sales and service channels over Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Middle East.

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