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ACKSYS Communications & Systems partner of 60’ AKENA Vérandas

A partnership? Yes… but why?
The  commitment  of  ACKSYS  to  the  60’  AKENA  Vérandas  is motivated  by  the  idea  of  strengthening  its  presence  in  the nautical  market,  differentiate  itself  from  competitors  and  also  to take  part  in  a  prestigious  race,  a  reference  in  terms  of  innovation and  technology  issues.  Moreover,  this  water  sport  conveys many positive  values  that  have  also  guided  the  choice  of  ACKSYS:  this discipline  requires  a  fighting  spirit,  involves  self-transcendence and  exudes  a  certain  sympathy  and  friendliness  that  makes  it more  accessible.  These  are  the  very  strong  values  that  ACKSYS defends and supports, simply because they are its.

Context  and challenges of a key project

On  a  race,  there  are  two  successive  types  of  sail:  the  contact phase  (at  the  start)  and  the  one  at  sea.  During  the  contact  phase, the  skipper  must  be  able  to  move  easily  from  one  end  to  another of  his  boat  while  remaining  attentive  to  its  instrumentation  and navigation.  Once  at  sea,  most  of  the  journey  is  made  through  the automatic pilot, himself managed by different sensors. Among  these  sensors,  the  vane  installed  at  the  top  of  the  mast  is a critical component, but also very fragile, which measures the speed and direction of the wind. The idea is to allow the skipper to have hand in the vane at the top of the mast and  to  view  real-time  the  results  of  its  repairs  or  adjustments.  That’s  why  it  has  been  asked  to  ACKSYS  to propose  the  60’  AKENA  Vérandas’  skipper  a  WiFi  solution  that  meets  its  needs  for  convenience,  safety  and efficacy.

A solution to the challenge
To create a WiFi coverage over the entire surface of the boat, ACKSYS’ WLg-xROAD is used as an access point.  Particularly well suited to this type of environment, WLg-xROAD is compact, lightweight and fits easily in tight spaces. Its rugged enclosure is shockproof, vibration proof and resists to water projections (IP66). Last but not least, this product requires very little energy. With this WiFi coverage, the skipper is able to view its cartography at any point in his boat and control his operations from the mast by connecting to the main PC via a smartphone or a tablet PC.

Sailing together toward new horizons
This solution is being replicated to the “CLASS 40 ECOELEC” and the “HYDROPTERE” and will thus enable ACKSYS to strengthen its legitimacy in terms of boat applications and develop new equipment even more specialized and efficient.

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