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The Enterprise version version is the package that comprises all of the features available in the Digifort System, offering total management of unlimited cameras and alarm devices, and is ideal for any company that wants total control of its security project, guaranteeing high performance, reliability and scalability.

Digifort Enterprise allows the use of several models of IP cameras and video servers of various manufacturers (Check here the lists of cameras supported by the system), hus making possible the choice of hardware which best meets the clients needs.

The Enterprise was developed for the purpose of preserving the clients’ investments, maintaining all of the characteristics of the previous versions allied with new and exclusive features, as well as provide greater scalability for future expansions, with no limitation of software features.

Digifort Enterprise is recommended for medium and large-scale users and for those who need a surveillance system with unlimited tools and functions and of high technology, capable of including solutions for alarms, access control and automation.

In addition to the functions available in the other versions of the software, such as: Web Server, PTS by Joystick, advanced PTZ and PTZ by priority, synoptic maps, viewing of cameras by cell phone, etc., Digifort Enterprise is equipped with the possibility of integration of an unlimited number of alarm and automation modules, and unlimited number of cameras, IP filters, server status reports and even automated Backup of the net’s recording directory.

The IP Filter feature allows the administrator to define a list of authorized and unauthorized IPs for access to the Digifort server, controls the IP at which the user will have login rights, as well as programmed times and days. With this measure, any external access attempt to the server can be blocked, freeing only those for local access or even allow access for only some of the local network’s workstations.

Another important feature which Digifort Enterprise offers is the transmission of server functioning reports. It’s possible to configure how often the report will be sent to the group of contacts that will receive the report. This report will contain all actions carried out in the system by the users and the internal functioning of the server.

With Digifort Enterprise you will have the best digital surveillance (IP) solution for cameras and alarms available in the market.

• Architecture
• Client/Server Architecture and Multi- T asking.
• Makes it possible to work IP cameras and analogical cameras simultaneously , as long they are directly
connected to the TCP/IP or by way of a video server .
• Supports an unlimited number of cameras and ethernet boards per server .
• Supports DNS.
• Permits working with two or more processors dividing the software’s tasks to improve the performance.
• Supports varied models of IP cameras and vídeo servers.
• Allows remote access, with no limit of connections per server .
• Permits viewing of the cameras of various servers in the same screen.
• Allows viewing of any image resolution (even higher than 1280×1024), if the camera supports it.
• Has a Multi-Streaming System, which permits live monitoring and recording with a different
• Has an IP Filter System.
• Permits the storage and transmission of images in the MJPEG, MPEG4, WAVELET , H.263 and H.264
• Server supports architecture Master/ Slave
• Allows simultaneous operations such as recording, playback and exportation of viedo, system configuration, live monitoring, event enquiries, image searching, server monitoring and several other
• Supports continuous recording and by motion detection, allowing the definition of serval areas, and by
• Has resources for specifying the storage period, resolution and number of FPS per camera.
• Has an image buffer system for recording by motion detection in DAS.
• Has an advanced and automatic disk management system, with a technique of disk allotment for automatic management.
• Has an archiving system for recordings (for external storage), allowing the the recording of images in file servers, via network with no limit of recordings per day (whereby the maximum limit of cameras.
must be in agreement with the server’s disk and processing capacities)
• Has licenses with limits of use of 30 days for tests and 4 hours for demonstrations.
• Is compatible with Unicode Characters.
• Compatible with ONVif protocol (Video Only)
• Recording
• Supports continuous recording, by motion detection and by events.
• Supports recording by a secondary stream allowing record higher resolution images by processing a
lower resolution image
• Supports recording and viewing speeds of up to 30 FPS per camera (as long as the camera supports
this FPS rate).
• Supports recording of any number of cameras per server (whereby the maximum limit of cameras
must be in agreement with the server’s disk and processing capacities).
• Permits an increase in frame rate upon motion detection.
• Allows recording of a redundant Databank, allowing the second Server to assume control in case of
failure of the primary Server (Fail-Over).
• Has scheduling of transmission and recording by date and time.
• Movement sensor allows the control of movement-sensitive areas.
• Has pre-alarm and post-alarm buffers of up to 60 seconds of vídeo.
• Has an advanced and automatic disk management system.

• Has a digital certification system for authentication of the recorded images.
• Has a recording system with no limit of daily recordings, supports more than 600,000 images.
• Support images archiving
• User Control
• Supports an unlimited number of user accounts.
• Support the inclusion of users through Windows Active Directory (AD)
• Support Login by biometrics
• Has rigid control of rights and passwords, differentiated for each user or user group.
• Complete audits system for control of users or groups
• Has user groups which allow allocation of the same configurations of permission for all users
belonging to the group.
• Permits the creation of several users and contact groups for the sending of e-mail, sms, alerts, etc.
• Has controls such as blocking and expiration date of the user account.
• Has login security by IP and programmed hours.
• Allows set Ptz Priority in the use of the cameras
• Has a user profile system, with which anywhere the user connects he’ll have his profile.
• Allows the blocking of the work station.
• Controls of Alarms and Events
• Has a complete system for management of alarms and events of I/O devices with dry contacts and relays.
• Permits the integration of alarms by way of the cameras’ I/Os.
• Permits the integration of alarms by way of ethernet alarm boards.
• Offers scheduling for control of alarm input.
• Starts the recording of a given camera when the alarm is triggered.
• Allow the alarm events in the Surveillance Client to be directed only to specific users or user groups.
• Has control of communication failure.
• Has control of recording failure.
• Has alarm by motion detection and manual events.
• Has alarm by timer events de timer
• Sends alerts (via e-mail, SMS, popup and sounds) upon occurence of events.
• Positions movable cameras in determined presets upon occurence of any event.
• Activates external alarms upon occurence of events.
• The actions are configured independently for each camera, with the possibility of scheduling these
• Allows the scheduling of one or more events so that they occur on any desired date (programmed
• Log
• Has a log of accesses to the server .
• Has a log of user actions.
• Has a log of system avents.
• Sends reports about the functionality of the system by e-mail automatically , with recording status and
recent accesses.
• Web Servers and Web Client
• Has an integrated web server for access by Internet Explorer .
• Permits live viewing of the images via ActiveX (Surveillance Client).
• Allows viewing of the recording of images by way of the standard Digifort Player .
• Permits PTZ control by way of Visual Joystick.
• Makes emergency local recording possible, by way of web browser .
• Allows activation of events by way of a synoptic map (turn on a light, activate a siren, etc).
• Permits configuring the information of the cameras, such as image resolution, frames per segundo
(FPS), transfer rate and decoder .
• Allows viewing and activation of live motion detection via web browser .
• Has double-click on an image to select it and maximize it.
• Permits viewing of the cameras via web browser by way of previously created screenstyles.
• Mobile Device Access
• Has viewing of the image via cellphone or any movable device compatible with JAVA 2 ME (JAVA CLDC
1.1 / MIDP-2.0), Android, Iphone and Ipad.
• Permits connection with multiple servers.
• Has viewing of cameras individually .
• Allows saving the screenshot (photo) of the image in the mobile device.
• Allows viewing of the image in full-screen.
• Permits PTZ control.
• Allows use of preset.
• Allows configuration of the viewing by resolution, image quality and frames per second (FPS).
• Has status of consumed bandwidth in Kbytes.
• Allows activation of alarms (turn on a light, activate a siren, close a gate, etc).
• Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese
• Control of PTZ Cameras
• Supports control of simple PTZ.
• Supports control of simultaneous Pan and Tilt, by clicking on the image.
• Supports control of PTZ by Joystick Visual.
• Has advanced joystick control.
• Has advanced PTZ control.
• Has a visual joystick with zoom control via buttons
• Supports PTZ control via USB joystick and mouse (pan, tilt, focus, zoom, etc).
• Permits creation of diferent positionings (presets) of cameras.
• Has a system of PTZ Vigilance (sequenciing of presets).
• No limit of presets per camera (depending on the camera).
• Has native support for protocols of analogical cameras and OSD control.
• Has PTZ blocking by priority , by hierarchical levels.
• Monitoring and Playback of Video
• Allow the search or images by camera, by date and time with exportation of the videos, with configurable speed in the normal and reverse direction, by time bar , making it possible to select a
stretch of vídeo.
• Has a time line of the recorded images showing the points where there are recordings and/or motion,
as well as allowing the selection of the time-of-day via the time line.
• Permits the playback and exportation of various cameras simultaneously and in a synchronized manner
in pre-defined screenstyles.
• Allows operation via a complete Virtual Matrix, by way of a list of monitors defined for this purpose,
whereby the operator can select the desired monitor and send an unlimited series of imagens, maps
and screenstyles, operated by joystick, keyboard and mouse.
• Allows control of the Virtual Matrix via SDK/API for creating macros and scripts in other languages.
• Support up to 8 monitors per workstation.
• Allows the user to select a standard monitor to open the media player .
• Permits opening the media player in non-modal mode, which lets the user keep working with the client
while the player is open.
• Has the feature Intant Video playback
• Allows the video player to select the entire stretch of video automatically to ease the exportation and
search for motion.
• Advanced search by motion detection.
• Has a tool for live motion detection.
• Has a tool for emergency local recording.
• Offers a tool for privacy mask for fixed cameras.
• Permits rapid access to the cameras by way of pre-configured icons.
• Allows the object array to be displayed in the surveillance client.
• Has support for DirectX for better live vídeo quality .
• Lets the user display the image resolution of the cameras together with the data of FPS, transfer rate
and decoder .
• Has digital zoom in live and recorded images of various areas of the screen and of various cameras.
• Has a zoom system with bilinear treatment.
• Has a screenshot tool.
• Has automatized screenstyle, adjusting the screen format automatically , depending on the nubmer of
• Allows the creation of new screenstyles (Mosaics of 1,4,9,16,32,64 etc).
• Permits sequencing of cameras and screenstyles.
• Allow removal of the camera from the screen by way of its pop-up menu.
• Has image control filters (blur , Gaussian blur , sharpen, emboss, flip, flop, grayscale, invert) and image
tone (red, green, blue, contrast, brightness and level of color) for live monitoring and playback of
video by camera with pre-defined configuration.
• Has a filter for video lacing and delacing.
• Allow change of media profile in the surveillance client
• Exports video in AVI-format and in the native Digifort format.
• Allows saving of a JPG image during video playback (CD, HD, pen drive, etc.).
• Permits printing an image during video playback with a description of the fact.
• Allows an object to be selected and maximized (full-screen) with a double click in the surveillance
• Allows live monitoring of an unlimited number of cameras per client and with diversified types of
• Has a synoptic map for live monitoring of devices such as cameras, sensors, relays, informing the
status of the device by visual indicators. Cameras can be opened with a double-click on their icons in
the map, Links to other maps can be made and devices can be activated via their visual indicators
• Administration
• Has feature to locate Ip cameras and Video Server by UPnP Protocol
• Has a calculator for dimensioning of disk space.
• Allows application of global configurations in a set of cameras or users.
• Allows system configuration in real-time.
• Has monitoring tools for server performance by way of historical graphics.
• Has a privacy mask feature for fixed cameras.
• Has a resource for the identification of property
• Allows creation of public mosaics.
• Has a filter to search for objects in the client monitoring.• Works with a system of licensing by
cameras, allowing future expansion with additional licenses.
• Supports the following operating systems: Windows XP , Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003,
Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7
• Integration with Digifort
Digifort allows integration with other systems, making its APIs (ActiveX and HTTP API) available.
Example of systems for integration:
Access Control;
Biometric Systems;
Automation Systems;
Alarm Systems;
Control Systems;
Commercial Automation;
Project Administration;
ERP Systems;
• Analytic systems*
 *module sold separately • Has video analysis for identification of cars stopped on the shoulder .
• Has video analysis for identification of cars, pedestrians or animals trafficking in the wrong direction on
streets, roads and highways.
• Has video analysis for identification of traffic jams.
• Has counting of persons, vehicles or objects.
• Allows sending of an alarm in case a (fixed) camera is obstructed, turned from its position or if there is
a rapid variation in luminosity .
• Allows sending of an alarm in case there is movement in restricted areas.
• Allows delimitation of virtual areas and zones.
• Allows identification objectos removed from or abandoned in a given place.
• Allows delimitation of virtual barriers ( vertical, horizontal and diagonal).
• Has a system of license plate recognition for vehicles, and sends the plate in text format to a databank.
• Administration / Storage of Events and Help Desk*
 *module sold separately • Allows opening a report when an event occurs.
• Allows the creation of personalized fields in the report.
• Allows the recording of video of the event to be annexed to the report.
• Allows the generation of reportsand graphics of the events that occurred.
• Allows the search for an event by any field defined in the report.
• Allows the opening of a service order for pieces of equipment related to surveillance.
• The system allows administration of the issued service orders.
• The system makes it possible to generated reports and graphics of the service orders and equipmentos
involved in maintenance.
• The system is able to send service orders automatically via e-mail to service suppliers involved in the

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