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Today, Digifort Explorer is used by clients who need a reliabile solution with few features, having as its main characteristics only the recording and surveillance of surveillance, not having various features such as PTZ and integration with the optional modules of Digifort, etc.

Based on usage by only 4 simultaneous users, it’s used mainly in small condominiums, offices, small stores and small businesses in general.

Digifort Explorer allows the use of various models of IP cameras and video servers of various manufacturers (Check here the list of cameras supported by the system), thus making possible the choice of hardware which best meets the client’s needs.

Access to the system can be made from anywhere, at any time, using any means of comunication such as Internet or the local accessa network itself. Digifort Explorer’s client/server architecture allos the access of an unlimited number of simultaneous connections to the server, allowing for configuration of the system in real time, as well as the remote surveillance of the images and the playback of stored video footage.

With Digifort Explorer, you will have a real solution for digital (IP) camera surveillance with the features that are adequate for your installation.

With a friendly interface and easy installation and configuration, with intuitive configuration screens, Digifort Explorer offers the user a parctical, reliable and financially accessible surveillanc system.

So that you can test the Explorer software, Digifort offers everyone a demo copy without feature limitations and with a duration of 30 days. Simply click on the link at the side and start using it.

• Architecture
• Client / Server and Multi-Task
• Can be operated with analogue cameras simultaneously from IPs that are connected to the TCP / IP
directly or through a Video Server .
• Supports 16 cameras per server .
• Lets you work with two or more processors sharing the tasks of the software to increase performance.
• Supports various models of IP cameras and video servers.
• Allows remote access with unlimited connections per server .
• Allows viewing of cameras from different servers on the same screen.
• Allows use any image resolution (Even up to 1280×1024), if the camera supports.
• Allows storage and transmission of images in MJPEG and MPEG4, WAVELET , H.263 and H.264.
• Allows simultaneous operations such as recording, playback and export video, system configuration,
live monitoring, consultation events, image search server monitoring and various other tasks.
• Allows mapping network drives
• Has a license to use limit of 4 hours or 30 days to statements.
• Has compatibility with Unicode
• Compliance with the protocol ONVIF The Scenes (video only)
• Recording
• Supports continuous recording, motion detection.
• Supports speed recording and live viewing of up to 30 fps per camera (Since the camera supports this
rate fps).
• Supports the recording of 16 cameras per server (and this limit cameras should be in accordance with
the disk capacity and processing server).
• Has a buffer pre and post alarm for up to 5 seconds of video.
• Has management system and advanced automatic disk.
• Has a system digital certificate for authentication of recorded images.
• Users Control
• Support for 04 user accounts.
• It has strict control of rights and different password for each user or a group.
• Have groups of users that lets you assign the same permission settings for all users within that group.
• It has controls such as locking and expiration date of user account.
• Has a system user’s profile, anywhere where the user will have to connect it to your profile.
• Allows the blocking of the workstation.
• Logs
• Has access to the server log.
• Has logging user actions.
• Has the event log.
• Web Servers and Web Client
• Includes integrated web server for access via Internet Explorer .
• Allows viewing of live images via ActiveX (Client Monitoring).
• Allows viewing of recording images by default Digifort Player .
• Allows control of PTZ via Joystick Visual.
• Allows you to configure the camera information, such as image resolution, frames per second “FPS”
Throughput and Decoder .
• Allows viewing and activation of Motion Detection live through the Web browser .
• Has double-click an image to select it and maximize it.
• Allows viewing of cameras via web browser using previously created mosaics.
• Access Via Mobile Device
• Has the image preview via cell phone or mobile device compatible with Java 2 ME (Java CLDC 1.1 /
MIDP-2.0), Android, Iphone and Iphone.
• Allows you to connect to multiple servers.
• Has view cameras individually .
• Allows saving Screenshot (Photo) image on the Mobile Device.
• Allows viewing of full screen image.
• Allows control of PTZ.
• Allows viewing by setting resolution, image quality and Frames Per Second (FPS).
• Has status Band Consumed in Kbytes.
• Available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
• Control of Mobile Cameras
• Supports PTZ control simple.
• Supports Virtual control PTZ.
• Monitoring and Playback Video
• Allows you to search for images by camera, by date and time with outputting video, at speeds
configurable in normal or reverse direction, by the time bar , allowing to select a video track.
• Has the timeline of recorded images which show the points where there are recordings and / or
movement, and allows the selection of time through the timeline.
• Allows playback and export of 4 cameras simultaneously and synchronized in predefined tiles.
• It supports DirectX for better quality live video.
• Digital Zoom Allows live and recorded images from different areas of the screen ..
• Has screenshot tool.
• Has automated mosaic, adjusting the aspect ratio automatically depending on the number of cameras.
• Has a filter for deinterlacing video.
• Has a filter searches for objects in Client Monitoring.
• Allows sequencing cameras and mosaics.
• Export videos into AVI format and Digifort native format.
• Allows you to save a JPG image in the video playback.
• Y ou can print an image on the video playback allowing to describe the fact ..
• Supports up to two monitors per workstation.
• Allows the double-click an object is selected and maximized (full screen) on the client monitoring.
• Administration
• Has a calculator for sizing disk space.
• Allows you to apply global settings on a set of cameras and users.
• Allows real-time configuration of the system.
• Work with the licensing system with cameras, allowing the expansion of the system with additional
• Supports the following operating systems: Windows XP , Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003,
• Integration with Digifort
Digifort allows integration with other systems, providing their APIs (HTTP and ActiveX API). Example
systems for integration:
Access Control;
Biometric systems;
Automation Systems;
Alarm Systems;
Control Systems;
Business Automation;
Project management;
ERP systems;

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