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The JetCard 2215 is a flexible and high performance five-port Ethernet PoE switch card in Universal PCI format. The easy-to-install drivers that come with JetCard make it easier for you to set up your complex surveillance system. JetCard 2215 is ideal embedded surveillance networking solution for industrial applications.

12~24VDC Power Module to power system and PoE Function
JetCard 2215 has an on board power module to adopt 12~24V DC input and then use +3.3V and +5V for PCI card system and boost to 48V for 802.3af standard PoE devices. So it needs extra 12~24V power input for system and PoE function.

IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet
JetCard is IEEE802.3af standard compliant and works as a PSE (power sourcing device) to deliver 15.4W per port.

Unmanaged Ethernet Switch 
JetCard 2215 uses Marvell 88E6065 chip to provide 5 Ethernet ports and each port offers IEEE 802.3 10 Base-T and 100 Base-Tx compliant Ethernet data transmission.

JetCard automatically determine whether or not it needs to interchange cable sense between pairs so that an external crossover cable is not required. If JetCard interoperate with a device that cannot automatically correct for crossover, it makes the necessary adjustment prior to commencing Auto-Negotiation.

Flow Control
The JetCard supports back- pressure and pause frame-based flow control schemes to ensure zero packet loss under temporary traffic congestion.

JetCard 2215 usage
Without driver JetCard 2215 works as an unmanaged switch, where users will not see the IP address/Netmask configuration interface and will not be able to communicate with devices, whereas with standard driver built in Windows system the card will work as Network interface card on your PC, allowing users to have an IP address/Netmask configuration interface and communicate the devices with the IPC


  • Supports 32 bit Universal PCI bus
  • 5 10/100TX ports with Auto MDI/MDI-X
  • One 12~24V DC input powers PCI card and PoE ports
  • 4 ports PoE, IEEE 802.3af compliant, deliver 15.4W per port, 60W per unit
  • Unmanaged switch function
  • IEEE 802.3 10 Base-T and 100 Base-Tx compatible
  • Full or half duplex at 10/100 Mbps
  • IEEE 802.3u Auto-Negotiation supported
  • Supports Windows 7/Vista/NT/2000/2003/XP, Linux 2.4/2.6
  • -25~70oC operating temperature for hazardous environment application

Dimensions (Unit = mm)

IEEE802.3 10 Base-T
IEEE802.3u 100 Base-Tx
IEEE802.3x flow control and Back Pressure
IEEE802.3af PoE
Store and Forward architecture
Bus Interface:
32-bit Universal PCI bus
Number of Ports:
5 Ethernet ports (4 ports use RJ45 connectors and support PoE function; 1 port use both RJ45 & JST connectors and is reserved for internal connection) 10 Base-T/ 100 Base-Tx with auto MDI/MDI-X Auto-negotiation
assigned by Universal PCI plug and play
OS supported:
Windows NT/2000/2003/XP
Linux 2.4.x/Linux 2.6.x
PoE Technology
PD classification:
detection, class ID 0~3 follow
IEEE802.3af standard
PIN assignment (RJ45 connector):
V+ (Pin 4,5), V- (Pin 7,8),
Tx (Pin 1,2), Rx (Pin 3,6)
Power Limit Control:
The control mode supports IEEE802.3af standard. The maximum DC power delivery on each each PoE is 15.4W@DC 48V input
Communication Controller:
Realtek RTL 8139C+
Marvell 88E6065
Board Connector:
PoE Cable Connection:
10 Base-T: 4-pair UTP/STP Cat. 3,4,5 cable (100m)100 Base-Tx: 4-pair UTP/STP Cat. 5 cable (100m)
107 x 166 mm
Net Weight:
Transfer performance:
14,880bps for Ethernet and 148,800bps for Fast Ethernet
Transfer packet size:
64 to 1522bytes
MAC address:
Memory Buffer:
512 Kbits
Power Requirements
Power Input:
DC 12~24V (ATX 4P connector) for system
use and PoE function
Power Consumption:
80W including PoE
Operating Temperature
-25 ~ 70°C (-4 ~ 158°F), 5 ~ 95% RH
Storage Temperature
-40 ~ 80°C (-40 ~ 176°F), 5 ~ 95% RH
Regulatory Approvals
CE, FCC Class A (Surge:0.5KV; ESD contact
4KV; Air 8KV)

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