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JetPort 5601

JetPort 5601 is a RS-232/422/485 to Redundant Ethernet Serial Device Server. The serial interface is configurable in software and supports speed as fast as 921.6kbps. The Dual Ethernet ports can support RTTD (Redundant to the Device) or connect as Daisy Chain. With RTTD, the redundant Ethernet ports can auto-recover in less than 200ms if the master link breaks, as a result guaranteeing a non-stop connection. The JetPort 5601 can be configured by the JetPort Commander, an easy-to-use utility for Windows that covers all management, monitoring, and control functions for one or multiple JetPort servers. In addition to the Windows configuration, JetPort can be configured by HTTPS and SSH, giving administrators the flexibility and security for device management. Furthermore, there are up to 5 multi-link connections, including Real/Virtual COM or TCP/UDP. JetPort 5601 is equipped with two types of power inputs, the terminal block or power jack. The JetPort 5601 can be wall mounted or din-rail mounted with the din-rail kit.

RTTD, Redundant to The Device
JetPort 5601 provides dual Ethernet ports. When dual Ethernet ports are connected, only one of the paths, the primary path is activated. The other one is the backup path. When the primary path is down, the backup path will recover Ethernet connection in less than 200ms. The JetPort RTTD technology also works well with the JetNet series Ring technology, which provides users the complete redundant solution from network infrastructure to the serial devices.

RS-232 / 422 / 485 3-in-1 Serial Configuration
JetPort 5601 serial port supports RS-232/422, 2/4 wire RS485 and is configurable by software. The serial speed can be set as fast as 460.8kbps for RS232, RS422, and RS485. The serial port can work in various communication modes, including Real/Virtual COM, TCP server, TCP client, UDP, and serial tunnel. Advanced settings for controlling the data communications such as TCP alive check, delimiter, and timeout are also supported. For industrial redundant solutions, JetPort supports up to 5 simultaneous connections for Real/Virtual COM, TCP server, TCP client modes, sending data to 5 hosts simultaneously.

Secured Management by HTTPS and SSH
The HTTPS is a security protocol that provides communication privacy over the Internet . The SSH allows users to securely login to the remote JetPort device servers and provides encrypted and authenticated communications between JetPort and administrator computers.

JetPort Commander, Easy to Use Windows Utility
The Korenix JetPort Commander is known for its abundant features, the user-friendly interface and the smart setup wizards. Customer can browse the JetPorts, configure services, monitor devices and group setup. The group setup wizard includes Real/Virtual COM Wizard, Group Setup Wizard, Group Firmware Wizard, Serial Tunnel Wizard and Group IP Wizard.

JetPort 5601 Appearance


1-port RS-232/422/485 Redundant Serial Device Server

  • Redundant to the Device (RTTD) via Dual Ethernet Ports, auto-recovery in less than 200ms
  • Daisy Chain via Dual Ethernet ports, wire-speed switching performance
  • One port software selectable RS232/422/485 serial interface,
    Max. Serial Speed: 921.6 Kbps
  • Secured Management by HTTPS and SSH
  • Dual Power Inputs by 12~48VDC Terminal Block and 9~30VDC Jack
  • JetPort Commander, Easy-to-use Windows Utility for Device Discovery, Multiple Device Management and Monitoring
  • Versatile Serial Services: Real/Virtual COM, Serial Tunnel, TCP Server, TCPClient, UDP
  • Up to 5 Simultaneous Serial Connections
  • Event Warning by Syslog, Email, SNMP trap, and Beeper
  • Supports Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008
  • -10~70oC operating temperature for harsh industrial environments

Network Interface

2* 10/100BaseTX, Redundant Dual Ethernet
RJ-45 Auto MDI/MDI-X
Redundant Dual Ethernet, auto-recovery in less than 200msDaisy Chain, wire-speed switching performance
Built-in 1.5 KV magnetic isolation protection
Serial Communication
Number of Ports
RS-232/422, 2/4-wire RS485
Male DB9
Baud Rate
110 bps to 921.6 Kbps
Data Bits
5, 6, 7, 8
odd, even, none, Space, Mark
Stop Bits
1, 1.5, 2
Tx+,Tx-, Rx+, Rx-,GND
RS-485 (4-wire)
Tx+,Tx-, Rx+, Rx-,GND
RS-485 (2-wire)
Data+, Data-,GND
Flow Control
Serial Line Protection
Serial Line Protection
2*pin 120ohm DIP switches
Power 1/Power 2: Startup(Red); Ready(Green)
Ethernet 1/Ethernet 2 : 10M Link(Orange), 100M Link(Green)
Serial: Transmitting data(Green), Receiving data(Orange)
Windows Utility-JetPort Commander, HTTP, Telnet
Serial Service
Real/Virtual COM, TCP Server, TCP Client, TCP Tunnel and UDP
Software reload default, Hardware reset button
For time management
Access IP Table
16 IP addresses to prevent illegal users
Devices’ status, VCOM status, Real/Virtual COM status
RFC1213 MIB II, RFC1317 RS232_like and SNMP Trap
E-Mail Alert
Automatic e-mail warning by pre-defined events
System Log
Trap to Syslog server or local display
System Events
Cold/Warm Start, Login Failed, IP and Password Changed, Access IP Blocked, Serial Port DCD/RI/DSR/CTS changed, Serial Port connected/disconnected
Windows Utility
Real COM Driver
32bit & 64bit OS
Windows OS
Win 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008
JetPort Commander
Device Discovery, Auto IP, Network Setting, Device and Serial Port Setting and monitoring, Notification setting, Firmware Upgrade, Configuration Backup and Restore, Group Configuration Wizards.
Serial Service Mode
Real/Virtual COM, TCP Server, TCP Client, TCP Tunnel and UDP
Advanced Serial Setting
TCP Alive Check Timeout, Inactivity Idle Timeout, Performance mode, Delimiter, Force TX Timeout for Data Packing and Force TX interval time
Group Configuration Wizard
JetPort Commander: Group IP Wizard, Group firmware upgrade, Group Backup/Restore, Real/Virtual COM and TCP Tunnel Setup Wizard
Power Requirements
System Power
PWR1: 12~48VDC Terminal Block
PWR2: 9~30VDC Power Jack with Power Adapter
Power Line protection
1 KV Burst (EFT), EN61000-4-40.5 KV Surge, EN61000-4-5
Power Consumption
Maximum 3.7 Watts
Regulatory Approvals
FCC Class A, CE Class A , UL, RoHS
Operating Temperature
-10 ~ 70°C
Operating Humidity
5% ~ 95% (Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature
-40 ~ 85°C (-4 to 185°F)
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