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Industrial Power Supply – PS-100

Industrial Power Supply PS-100


The PS-100/48 is a DIN-rail industrial power supply (PSU) complying with a wide range of approvals. With the robust plastic housing the PS-100/48 is one of the markets most compact PSU:s. It has been specifically designed for use with the Westermo Power over Ethernet (PoE) products and meets the requirements for both PoE and PoE Plus as the output voltage can be adjusted between 48 and 56 VDC. In some applications there might be a need to power many Powered Devices (PD):s thus the unit can deliver up to 100 Watt.

Mounting and connecting the unit does not require any additional tools as both the DIN-rail connector and the terminal connectors have been designed, not only, with ruggedness and the ability to sustain harsh environments, but also the made easy methodolgy using spring clamps.

Every PS-100/48 has to pass rigorous quality tests including temperature cycling at full load to guarantee quality. With very high MTBF figures the PSU is built to last.

  • 48 – 56 VDC
  • 1.8 – 2.1
  • A100 Watt
  • 115 or 230 VAC Input
  • PoE and PoE Plus Ready
  • –10 to +70°C (14 to +158°F)


• Input
Input voltage
AC 100 – 120 / 220 – 240 V (Auto Select), 47 to 63 Hz
(AC 85 to 132 V / AC 184 to 264 V, DC 220 to 375 V)
Input current
<2.1A (@ AC 100 V in, 100 W Pout)
<1A (@ AC 220V in, 100W Pout)
External Fusing
Not required, unit provides internal fuse (T3A15H, not accessible)
Transient immunity
Transient resistance acc. to VDE 0160 / W2
(750 V / 1.3 ms), over entire load range
Hold-up time
>40 ms @ AC 230 V, 48 V / 2.1 A
>20 ms @ AC 196 V, 48 V / 2.1 A
>20 ms @ AC 100 V, 48 V / 2.1 A
• Output
Output voltage
*present to
48 – 56 VDC (adj. by front panel potentiometer)
48 V ± 0.5% @ 2.1 A
Voltage regulation stat
stat. <1% V out (Jumper in pos. ‘Single Use’)
stat. <3% V out (Jumper in pos. ‘Parallel Use’), dyn. ±1.5% Vout over all
<50 m V PP (20 MHz bandwidh, 50 Ohm measurement)
Overvoltage prot. <60V
Rated continuous loading
Up to 2.1 A @ 48 V / 1.8 A @ 56 V (convection cooling), depending on built-in orientation, Vin and Tamb
Overload behaviour No switch-off at overload/short-circuit
Protection Unit is protected against (also permanent) shortcircuit, overload and open-circuit
Derating Despending on built-in orientation
Parallel operation Yes (selectable by front panel jumper)
Power back immunity 63 V
Operation indicator Green LED
• Environmental, EMC and Safety
Ambient temperature range (measured 25 mm below unit)
Storage, transport –25°C – +85°C (–13 to 185°F)
Operation –10°C – +70°C (14 to 158°F)
Humidity max. 95% (without condensation)
EN 61000-6-3 (includes EN 61000-6-4)
Class B (EN 55011, EN 55022)

EN 61000-3-2 (PFC)

EMI EN 61000-6-2 (includes EN 61000-6-1)
Safe low voltage SELV (EN 60950, VDE0100/T.410), PELV (EN 50178)
Prot. class/degree Class 1 (EN 60950) / IP20 (EN 60529)

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