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Remote access removes boundaries, eliminates the need for time consuming site visits and provide a network infrastructure suitable for today’s “always-on” society. The Industrial Wireless Router MR-270 mobile broadband GPRS / EDGE / 3G router uses the Internet to cost effectively inter-connect systems, allowing HMI, PLCs, sensors etc to communicate with each other.

The dual SIMs ensures high availability for critical applications. Bundle the mobile broadband GPRS with ADSL devices, Falcon or DR-260, for both wired and wireless access.

Devices connected to the Internet require countermeasures towards cyber threats. The Industrial Wireless Router MR-270 offers protection of transmissions from malicious eavesdroppers via encrypted communication tunnels (VPN, included), access prevention from unauthorized addresses, and extensive logging to detect intrusion attempts. With an advanced and highly configurable firewall the unit is easily set up to only allow valid application data.

The MR-270 with its built-in serial port offers a simple modem replacement solution with the benefit of not having to reprogram or change any other component. The powerful software in the MR-270 offers methods to engineers to easily analyze the data-flow, valuable for fast troubleshooting of connected devices.

The MR-270 supports GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSPA, and is equipped with one serial port and four Ethernet ports.


• Product Description
Status Active
Article number 3622-0205
Ports 4 x 10 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s, Ethernet TX, RJ-45.
1 x 300 bit/s to 115.2 kbit/s, D-sub, RS-232.
2 x SIM slots.
1 x USB.
Description Mobile broadband router
• Reliability prediction
MTBF, operating 139 000 hours, Bellcore RQGR at 40°C
• Standard compliance
R&TTE Article 3.1a:
EN 60950, Safety
EN 50385, EMF exposure
Article 3.1b:
EN 301 489-1, ERM/EMC
EN 301 489-7, ERM/EMC GSM
EN 301 489-24, ERM/EMC 3G
Article 3.2:
EN 301 908-1, ERM 3G
EN 301 908-2, ERM 3G
EN 301 511, GSM
• EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
EN 55024 Electromagnetic compatibility – Immunity IT equipment
EN 55024 + A1 + A2 Electromagnetic compatibility – Immunity IT equipment
EN 55022 Information technology equipment. Radio disturbance characteristics. Limits and methods of measurement.
EN 55022 +A1 Information technology equipment. Radio disturbance characteristics. Limits and methods of measurement.
FCC Part 15 Class B
• EMC specifications
EN 61000-4-2, ESD Enclosure contact, ± 4 kV
Enclosure air, ± 8 kV
IEC 61000-4-3, RF field AM modulated Enclosure, 3 V/m 80% AM (1 kHz), 80 – 1 000 MHz, 1 400 MHz – 2 000
EN 61000-4-4, fast transients Signal ports, ± 0.5 kV
Power ports, ± 1 kV
EN 61000-4-5, surge Telecom/Signal ports, ± 0.5 kV line to earth
Power ports, ± 2 kV line to earth, ± 2 kV line to line
EN 61000-4-6, conducted RF immunity Power ports, 3V/m 80% AM (1 kHz), 0.15 – 80 MHz
EN 61000-4-11, Voltage dips and interruption AC power ports:
10 & 100 ms, interruption
10 ms, 30% reduction
100 ms, 60% reduction
5000 ms, >95% reduction
+30% above & –20% below rated voltage
FCC part 15, radiated RF emission Enclosure, class B
EN 55022, radiated RF emission Enclosure, Class B
EN 55022, conducted emission AC power ports, class A
DC power ports, class B
FCC part 15, conducted emission AC power ports, class B
• Safety
Safety UL/IEC/EN 60950-1, IT equipment
• Climatic
Temperature, operating 0 to +55ºC (32 to +131ºF)
Temperature, storage –40 to +85ºC (–40 to +185ºF)
Humidity, operating 5 to 95% relative humidity
Humidity, storage 5 to 95% relative humidity
• Enclosure
Enclosure Pressed steel
Dimensions (W x H x D) 210 x 41 x 145 mm (8.3 x 1.6 x 5.9 in)
Weight 0.9 kg
Degree of protection IP 40
Cooling Convection
Mounting Horizontal on 35 mm DIN-rail or flat on level surface
• Interface specifications, power
Rated voltage 11 – 58 VDC
Operating voltage 11 – 58 VDC
Rated current 1500 mA @ 12 VDC
Rated frequency DC
• Interface specification,RS-232
Electrical specification EIA RS-232
Data rate 300 bit/s – 115.2 kbit/s
Data format 7 or 8 data bits, Odd, even or none parity, 1 or 2 stop bits
Protocol Transparent, optimised by packing algorithm
Circuit type SELV
Conductive housing Yes
Transmission range 15 m / 49 ft
Connection 9 pin D-sub female
Shielded cable Not required
Number of ports 1
• Interface specifications, 10/100 BaseTX
Electrical specification IEEE std 802.3. 2005 Edition
Data rate 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, manual or auto
Duplex Full or half, manual or auto
Transmission range 100 m/328 ft
Circuit type SELV
Isolation to All other
Connection RJ-45 auto MDI/MDIX
Shielded cable Not required, except when installed in Railway applications as signalling and telecommunications apparatus and located close to rails.
Conductive housing Yes
Number of ports 4
• Interface specification, Antenna
Frequency bands 850 MHz – 2100 MHz
Connection SMA female, impedance: 50 ohm
• Interface specification, SIM
Electrical specification 3 volts SIM supported
Number of slots 2
• Interface specification, USB
Electrical specification USB 2.0 host interface
Data rate Up to 12 Mbit/s (full-speed mode)
Circuit type SELV
Maximum supply current 500 mA in total for both ports
Connection USB receptacle connector type A
Number of ports 1

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