Industrial Networking Solution - Industrial Ethertnet Switch, Router

Industrial Networking Solutions – Industrial Ethernet Switches and Routers

our objective was to create a strong presence in the Indonesia 's IT industry in system integration and network services

Monitoring Automation

The innovation and efficiency required by the packaging industry place high demands on the machines that serve it. Accessible information and high flexibility are the keys to setting your offering apart.

Building Automation

More recently Ethernet has started to be utilised in alarm, CCTV surveillance and building automation systems, within automation solutions can found in factories, process plants, transportation systems and infrastructure projects.

Robust Ethernet solutions

The energy needs of our planet are escalating by the day and despite the increase in the use of renewable energy sources oil and gas reserves will continue to meet the largest proportion of our energy needs for many years to come

Our Products

Industrial Ehernet Switch

● Managed Switches
● Unmanaged Switches
● POE Switches


Industrial Wireless

● Wireless Ethernet
● GSM / GPRS Modems
● Wireless Routers


Industrial Converters

● Serial Converters/Repeaters
● Protocol Converters
● Current Loop Converters
● Ethernet Media Converters
● Fibre Optic Modems.


● Optical transceivers
● Power supplies
● Cables and antennas



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